Massachusetts Energy & Water Reporting and Resource Tracking

For Marijuana Cultivators

Welcome to Cannabis PowerScore, specified by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission as an approved form and manner for reporting energy and water performance. The Cannabis PowerScore resource benchmarking platform is a service of the non-profit Resource Innovation Institute. Learn more about PowerScore and how it helps hundreds of cultivators throughout North America.

PowerScore is designed to help you:
  • Comply with energy and water reporting requirements
  • Learn about & improve your performance toward a more resource-efficient and profitable facility

You have two options below. You can start now, come back later and submit when you’re ready.


Report my energy and
water numbers

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  • Save time – Keep all your information in one place
  • Avoid photocopying and printing
  • Simply enter information from your utility bills and other documents
  • Submit to the Cannabis Control Commission along with your license renewal paperwork when you’re ready
  • Optional: Continue the survey to confidentially benchmark your efficiency performance relative to other facilities

Track my performance on
resource efficient cultivation

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  • Comply with reporting requirements and learn how to make your facility more efficient
  • Align with industry-leading Key Performance Indicators on energy, water & waste
  • Benchmark against North American averages
  • Gain recommendations on steps you can take for increased efficiency
  • No information will be transferred by RII to the Commonwealth; you control what is submitted