PowerScore Pro

is designed for producers hungry for data-driven operational improvements and construction partners serving them.
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We provide you with a standardized benchmark to pinpoint areas where you can increase profit potential. 

Analyze the efficiency of systems serving all kinds of cultivation facilities:

  • Lighting equipment at a room level and by stage of cultivation
  • HVAC equipment at a room level
  • HVAC controls strategies for maintaining target temperatures and relative humidity %
  • Irrigation
  • Waste management

Roll up system performance to the facility level to learn:

  • Whole-facility energy consumption covering all energy sources (in kWh and kBtu)
  • Annual facility energy use intensity (in kBtu/square foot)
  • Equivalent greenhouse gas emissions footprint (in CO2eq)

Engineers: Use PowerScore dashboard reports to compare your clients’ performance relative to each other and to similar cultivators in their climate zone. 

With higher levels of RII membership, PowerScore Pro equips you with tools to analyze the aggregate PowerScore dataset, including insights on:

  • Resource efficiency by cultivation approach, climate zone, size of facility
  • Prevalence of vertical stacking, automation, and other innovative strategies
  • Canopy size by market
  • Technology adoption by facility type
  • State-level performance to assess compliance with regional regulations
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Indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor growers alike will benefit from the wealth of insights about your operational fitness the PowerScore survey identifies.
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