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Colorado Voluntary Energy and Water Benchmarking

As part of the Cannabis Resource Optimization Program (CROP), the Colorado Energy Office has partnered with Resource Innovation Institute. The shared goal is to empower Colorado cultivators with confidential, data-driven insights from the not-for-profit PowerScore platform.

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Interested in learning more about the platform? Access the PowerScore Tutorial here!

RII has developed a short tutorial video related to using the PowerScore platform. If you are unfamiliar with the survey, check out these resources before beginning the survey.

Helpful Information:

Before you begin the free benchmarking process, please take a moment to gather the following documentation. Share this checklist with your team members as you prepare your documentation.

Annual totals for the past 12 months and additional information:


  • Facility construction details
  • Growing environment size & target environmental conditions
  • Lighting system information
  • HVAC system type
  • Water sources & consumption
  • Energy sources
  • Electricity consumption
  • On-site renewable electricity generation
  • Natural gas consumption
  • Delivered fuels consumption
  • Production of cannabis flower
  • Waste types & generation