The Cannabis PowerScore is a free benchmarking tool provided by the non-profit Resource Innovation Institute.

The purpose of the brief, confidential survey is to empower cultivators and operators to understand and track how they use energy, and gain insight into their competitive position.

Our goal is to help operators of all sizes and methods make confident decisions that result in cutting their energy expense and carbon footprint.

The Cannabis PowerScore was designed with cultivators for cultivators. Hundreds of farms have engaged with the PowerScore through their participation in Cultivation Classic and The Emerald Cup’s Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award.

How to get the most out of your PowerScore experience

As you fill out the PowerScore, you’ll gain a wealth of insights about your operational fitness. Get started on your efficiency journey by following these three easy steps.

Gather your records
  • For best results, use utility bills and production records from the same, most-recent 12-month period
  • If you need to estimate, take what you feel are representative months and apply them accordingly
Commit 15-30 minutes
  • The more you prepare your records, the quicker the survey will go
  • Best filled out by cultivators or team members involved in day-to-day operations
See how you rank

(And what you can do about it)

  • Default setting compares you to national averages within your cultivation method (indoor / outdoor / mixed light)
  • Become an RII member and get connected to additional resources!

How Is Your Data Used?

Your personal privacy and your farm’s privacy will be protected. Information from this non-profit survey will only be shared anonymously and in the aggregate. Your input will make a better industry by informing policies and incentives that help cultivators and operators gain financial and technical assistance for making investments in efficient techniques and technologies.

Aggregate, anonymous data is assessed by RII’s Technical Advisory Council and is used to inform governments, utilities and supply chain leaders on how they can play a part in supporting growers to make efficiency decisions.

RII analyzes the PowerScore Ranked Data Set and publishes quarterly resource benchmarking reports to share insights with our membership. Learn more about how RII uses and presents PowerScore Data in reports in our Quarterly Resource Benchmarking Report Overview.

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