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Streamlined Energy & Water Reporting
for Cannabis Producers

PowerScore makes it easy for cannabis producers to report and benchmark their energy and water usage as specified by governments.


is the free energy, water and waste benchmarking platform of the non-profit Resource Innovation Institute.

PowerScore serves a range of users to empower resource efficient cultivation.

  • Free service of non-profit Resource Innovation Institute
  • Recognized by leading governments
  • Trusted by hundreds of cultivation operations
  • Vetted by subject matter experts

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My Facility Performance

  • Gather insightful data for sustainability analysis and ESG reporting
  • Confidentially compare to others in PowerScore’s Ranked Data Set
  • Compare your year-over-year performance
  • RII Members access PowerScore Pro for additional services
PowerScore Pro

Report To My Government

Report to MA
  • California
    • Mendocino County (coming soon)
  • Illinois (coming soon)
  • New York (coming soon)
  • Vermont (coming soon)
  • Oregon (coming soon)
  • Montana (coming soon)
PowerScore Comply

Initiate Energy & Water Reporting In My State

  • Read more about benefits to Governments
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How It Works

Indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor operations will benefit from the wealth of competitive insights.
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“RII was an invaluable partner as Massachusetts sought to streamline energy and water reporting for licensed producers. The PowerScore platform provided the solutions needed by government agencies as well as our licensed producer network.”

Kay Doyleformer Cannabis Control Commissioner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

“Cannabis PowerScore is specified by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission as an approved form and manner for reporting energy and water performance. Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources funded RII to upgrade PowerScore to serve the Commonwealth’s interests in protecting natural resources.”

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

PowerScore Platform

Is a platform of tools including a survey, dashboard, and reports. The brief survey asks questions about the energy, water and waste practices at indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation facilities. Our reports measure your operation’s resource efficiency relative to other facilities like yours, providing key performance indicators and a ranking of the competitiveness to identify areas for improving profitability.
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Resource Innovation Institute

is a trusted non-profit providing guidance and data for cultivators and their project partners to optimize facilities for efficiency and productivity.

PowerScore was launched in 2017 and has served more than 350 producers, from greenhouses to vertical farms. PowerScore validates producer performance for investors looking to inform Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

  • RII’s Technical Advisory Council of supply chain leaders built and has relied upon PowerScore for years to support their producer customers in assessing and validating of the efficiency performance of their indoor cultivation environments.
  • Schedule a free benchmarking session with Carmen Azzaretti, RII’s Project Engineer